Easy peasy lemon squizy

Easy Peasy Lemon Squizy staat voor het leren van Engels with fun!

Creative lessons like a cooking class, dancing, science experiments, and more. Classes are adapted according to the kid’s learning style, with the focus to provide lessons that involve immersing in the language with a combination of a Game-based method (also known as Gamification).

The story of Josiane

Hello, my name is Josiane and I was born in Brazil where I lived until 2020. As a child, one of my favorite games was to play teacher” with my sister. Since she was younger and was still learning how to write words, I liked the idea to teach her what I already learned at school. That may sound just like a simple game, but I took it very seriously. I prepared the classes for her by creating printable materials for coloring, etc.

As a talkative child who loved communicating, I knew that I’d become a teacher in the future. Later on, as I started being a fan of a famous boy band, I stumbled upon another passion, English. It was then that I immersed myself in the process of learning the language.

The idea of passing knowledge was one of the reasons I chose this profession. 2010 was one of my most memorable moments, my graduation year. I got my Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature.

After graduating I started my career as an English teacher. From 2010 to 2012 I worked in different public schools, where I had groups of different backgrounds and levels (primary and high school).

My passion and need to improve my English skills just increased after I started working as a teacher. After having worked for 2 years, I decided that was time to give a step further in my career. An exchange program appeared to be the best combo in this phase of life.

In 2013 I moved to the USA, where I had the opportunity to live for 2 years. There I was an au pair, an exchange program that involves child care, culture immersing in American culture, and much more.

Having had the experience abroad, after I got back to Brazil I kept working as an English teacher at a language school where I taught English to beginner to advanced students with classes averaging between 6 and 16 students (kids, teenagers, and adults). In the meantime, I started a postgraduation degree in Translation (Portuguese/English) which I successfully graduated in 2016.

My journey as an English teacher has been more than 6 years. In my former role, I was responsible to provide lessons for children at a private catholic school to students between 4 and 10 years of age. It was the first year that the school released a Bilingual Program and I was so proud to be part of it.

My classes involved mostly only English and my goal was to provide lessons that create space for the kids to learn a language with fun. To make this happen, I provided creative lessons like a cooking class, dancing, science experiments, and more. I used all the spaces the school provided when that was possible. If it was good weather, let´s go to the playground and learn shapes and colors with the little ones outside.

By not having the opportunity to start learning English as a child, I spent many years studying the language until I was able to reach an advanced level. I found it important that kids learn a foreign language at a young age as the process of learning a second language is way easier and they can have cognitive and educational benefits from it.

After I moved to the Netherlands for love, I encountered a new chapter of my life, where I had to start from zero with my career in another country. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to work for Bilingual Kids at a BSO location, where I currently have a permanent job as a pedagogical employee.

De docent

Josiane begeleidt dit atelier.